Alex Jones on Shortwave Radio

While working in the shop today I scanned the shortwave bands and found Alex Jones alive and well on WWCR 12.160.  If you’re really interested in the InfoWars program consider buying a shortwave radio and tuning in the old-school way.

  • The Alex Jones Show M-F:   11:00am-2:00pm CST 12.160 mHz
  • The Alex Jones Show on Sunday:  4:00pm-6:00pm CST 9.350 mHz

I used to listen to a lot of shortwave radio, and it would be great if good content providers started broadcasting over the open airwaves again.

Shortwave radio is almost impossible to disrupt in the long term.  Using shortwave is also cheap and fun.  A growing number of broadcasters and listeners are preparing themselves with shortwave for use in emergencies, and also to contravene the outrageous censorship now happening on YouTube and even LiveLeak.  Don’t let yourself or your friends be cut off from real information.

Whatever Happened to Shortwave Radio?

“We reached an apex in shortwave radio listenership in 1989, when the Cold War ended,” said Magne. “Shortwave audiences have been in decline since then.”

And consider this:

“The Internet, satellite signals and placement AM/FM can all be blocked by a determined officialdom,” said Magne. “Yet properly executed analog shortwave tends to get through when others fail. Because of this, international broadcasters have the potential of saying pretty much what they please, when they please, and to whom they please; they don’t have to self-censor their messages to appease gatekeepers.

“According to Lech Walesa, Václav Havel and other freedom leaders behind the former Iron Curtain, this ability to circumvent gatekeeping was the main reason communism was defeated in Eastern Europe,” he added.