No money, Italians raid supermarkets

Consider: YOU are the zombie. And we know how they deal with zombies.

According to La Repubblica daily, a group of locals ran out of one of Palermo’s supermarkets without paying. “We have no money to pay, we have to eat,” someone reportedly shouted at the cashiers.

In other Sicilian towns, small shop-owners that are still allowed to stay open have been pressured by the locals to give them free food, Il Corriere della Sera said. The paper wrote of a ticking “social time bomb” in the region, which is home to around five million people, and which has recorded 57 deaths from Covid-19.

“I am afraid that concerns shared by much of the population — about health, income, the future — will turn into anger and hatred if this crisis continues,” Giuseppe Provenzano, Italy’s minister overseeing southern regions, told La Repubblica.