The Spark – traditionalRIGHT

“…the cause of a collapse of the republic will lie in the Washington Establishment’s adoption of the ideology of cultural Marxism, which condemns whites, men, and heterosexuals as inherently evil and thus makes enemies of a majority of Americans.”

The events which will bring down the American Third Republic, our system of government 1865 to the present that has given us an all-powerful federal government, a closed system in Washington and an administered people, need one more cause. That cause is an economic collapse. The wild creation of dollars by the Federal Reserve and exploding national debt will bring that collapse about. Whether the timing will be such that the economy is going down just as the base-renaming hits, I do not know. I am confident that when the economic disaster hits, coupled with the rapidly intensifying culture war, the volatile mixture will find a spark. I would enjoy the irony if that spark comes courtesy of the Confederate States of America.


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