Boosters in Australia: “It Will Be About the Maintenance of Your Vaccination Status.” Via: From

Bug Bounty for VPN 0-day exploits: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark

“These vulnerabilities could just as easily be abused to violate countless people’s privacy who are using VPN services for legitimate purposes,”

Ohio Senate secures gun-ownership rights during emergencies | Ohio |

Senate Bill 185, which passed 23-7, stops the state or local governments from confiscating any lawfully owned gun during a declared emergency.

Syria Just Executed 24 People For Starting Terrorism Wildfires

"Syria has executed 24 people after convicting them on terrorism charges for igniting last year’s devastating wildfires, leaving three people dead and burning thousands of hectares (acres) of forests, the Justice Ministry said," ZeroHedge


This text is an attempt to provide an interpretation of information warfare with the background of Russian geopolitical theory and practice.

The Rape of the Afghan Boys — Attack the System

The U.S. government’s role in enabling Afghan pedophilia quickly lost it even the pretense of moral legitimacy in its delusional nation-building project. It should disabuse Americans of any idea to the contrary...

VPN Exposes Data for 1M Users, Leading to Researcher Questioning | Threatpost

Free virtual private network (VPN) service Quickfox, which provides access to Chinese websites from outside the country, exposed the personally identifiable information (PII) of more than a million users in just the latest high-profile VPN security failure. Threatpost

Statins may reduce risk of death from COVID-19, finds a major population study

Our results suggest that statin treatment can have a moderate prophylactic effect on COVID-19 mortality," says co-first author Rita Bergqvist, medical student at Karolinska Institutet.