Mob Mentality: Escaping from Riots and Flash Mobs

When you see things starting to go bad (massing police, masked looters, people setting fires) GET OUT!  Implement your escape plan!  Don’t stick around and become a target for police batons, gangs of teen looters, or panicked crowds. Tools and tactics @Active Response Training

Somali National Stabs to Death 7-year-old in UK Park

She was brutally stabbed to death in front of her parents. Her murder was a female Somalian immigrant. The corporate media in the United Kingdom is conspicuously absent from covering this story and the obvious racial angle confirming Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” prophecy.

Jails Release Prisoners, Fearing Coronavirus Outbreak

Local governments across the U.S. are releasing thousands of inmates in an unprecedented effort to prevent a coronavirus outbreak in crowded jails and prisons. Jails in California, New York, Ohio, Texas and at least a dozen other states are sending low-level offenders and elderly or sickly inmates home early due to coronavirus fears. At other …