Terrain and Tactics: Detailed Perspectives From William Howe’s War Plan of 1776

The map was published by one of the most prominent London map makers and dealers of his time, William Faden (1749-1836).

(PDF) White Men Can’t Dance: Evaluating Race, Class and Rationality in Ethnographies of the Esoteric

When I got my grade for the paper it was lower than I had expected, so I went to the professor to get feedback. He told me that he would have liked more of a historical and contextual focus to the project and wanted to read more about the history of the Golden Dawn. I …

Nathanael Greene and the Challenge of Supplying the Southern Army – Journal of the American Revolution

"Greene famously remarked that quarter-masters were forgotten to history."

The Family as Heroic Unity – Arktos

"According to the original conception, the family is neither a naturalistic nor a sentimental unity, but an essentially heroic unity."