Biden vows to pay farmers to plant cover crops and put land in conservation

“Given climate skepticism by many in rural America, it is critical that agriculture, forestry, and other rural stakeholders view themselves as USDA’s partners to achieve climate goals,” says the white paper. “We recommend USDA’s initiatives emphasize collaboration, incentives, the historic resiliency and innovation of agriculture and forestry, and the critical role that rural America can …

European Union: Bugs Are Safe for Humans to Eat!

Thus, the European Union has now thrown its weight behind worms in much the same way the United Nations has.

UN again warns 270 million poor people “marching towards starvation” (as a result of Covid restrictions/ lockdowns)

“Famine is literally on the horizon and we are talking about the next few months” AT THE THIRTY-FIRST SPECIAL SESSION of the WHO, 2ND MEETING of 4 DECEMBER 2020, David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), warned of alarming global hunger and food insecurity, with the number of […] Abrupt Earth Changes

Food Price Inflation Accelerates For Seventh Consecutive Month

"annual inflation in cereals reached 20%, the highest annual rise since mid-2011 when the Arab Spring was in full flow!"

US Promotes Plant-Based Protein over “beef”

"The meat industry rails against new dietary guidelines for only mentioning 'beef' 5 times as the US promotes plant-based protein" The cattle industry has objected to the guidelines, on the grounds that they don't adequately address beef, but instead refer more broadly to "protein foods" including plant-based options.  Insider

Surge in Feed Prices for 2021: challenge in “Animal Protein Sector”

China's shortage of animal protein during the last two years is a large part of the reason for this projected increase.