Shaping the Future of Payments and Identity: Mobile Drivers License (mDL)

“Identity management will be at the forefront of securing remote work in the coming year.”

COVID-19: Evolving Regulatory Issues | Patient IDs, Contact-Tracing Apps

For instance, the pandemic has underscored the need for Congress to finally lift a more than 20-year-old funding ban on the Department of Health and Human Services developing or adopting a unique patient identifier, Leonard says in an interview with Information Security Media Group. She says an identifier would help to match all the right …

New Critical Flaws in Treck TCP/IP Stack Affect Millions of IoT Devices

"Treck's embedded TCP/IP stack is deployed worldwide in manufacturing, information technology, healthcare, and transportation systems."

Michigan Passes Controversial Bill To Microchip Humans Voluntarily “To Protect Their Privacy”

The chips, roughly the size of a grain of rice, are implanted into the hands of employees and act as a replacement for I.D. badges, timecards, usernames and passwords…

Security in a Box – Digital security tools and tactics

The Tactics Guides in this toolkit cover basic principles, including advice on how to use social media and mobile phones more safely. The Tool Guides offer step-by-step instructions to help you install, configure and use some essential digital security software and services. The Community Toolkits focus on specific groups of people — sometimes in specific …

Darlings of Big Tech: Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg, presently the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has made himself the darling of the Silicon Valley Big Tech community. One of the first few hundred original Facebook users (Facebook user #287), he was photographed driving around his home state of Indiana with his former college classmate, Facebook icon Mark Zuckerberg, during the latter’s …

How The CIA, Mossad, & “The Epstein Network” Are Exploiting Mass Shootings To Create An Orwellian Nightmare

Carbyne began to be specifically marketed as a solution to mass shootings in the United States that goes “beyond the gun debate” and improves the “intelligence that armed emergency responders receive before entering an armed shooter situation” by providing video-streaming and acoustic input from civilian smartphones and other devices connected to the Carbyne network.