Tech pioneer warns of alien invasion

An alien species is headed for planet Earth and we have no reason to believe it will be friendly. Some experts predict it will get here within 30 years, while others insist it will arrive far sooner.

”Innovative Food” Investment Reaches $4.8bn

Sectors of the industry that took off in response to the pandemic not only remained the most popular investment categories; they exploded.

Meet ElliQ, the robot who wants to keep Grandma company

At best, this is a piss-poor 'replacement' for children, grand children, nieces and nephews. How shameful.

Bitcoin Supports U.S. National Security Objectives

Enjoy Bitcoin can support the U.S. national security objectives identified by the Biden administration while countering strategic adversaries that come to challenge the dollar-based global monetary system, the Bitcoin Policy Institute (BPI) said in its latest research report.Bitcoin Magazine

“traitor tracing” software: wholeaked

..... some might be offended by such strong labels such as 'traitor' to describe this software, as the word "traitor" could be replaced with "brave unwavering ethical bar-setting/bar-raising whistleblower hero" and the functionality of the software would be the exact same even if the intent is different.

UK’s Financial Watchdog Orders Shut Down Of Illegal Crypto ATMs

These ATMs allow users to exchange cryptocurrencies for cash and vice versa with minimal background checks, particularly for smaller deposits.

Russia Said Hacking Russian Satellite Infrastructure is an Act of war

“Offlining the satellites of any country is actually a casus belli, a cause for war.”

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