Emergencies Declared in 5 States Over Propane Shortage

"Farmers across the Corn Belt are running into supply bottlenecks at a time when they can ill afford to wait. "

Descent into the next Glacial Period perhaps within our lifetimes

In the 1970s, the media emphasized the fact that a large change in the Earth’s mean global temperature could happen within decades — in that way the media promoted “global cooling hysteria” in the 1970s. In spite of the fact that the climate in the 1980s and 90s became warmer, the scientific evidence for an …

Was There Another Reason for Electricity Shutdowns in California?

So, if badly designed and poorly maintained infrastructure is not the reason PG&E cut power to millions of Californians, what might have prompted them to do so? Could it be that PG&E’s heavy reliance on renewable energy means they don’t have the power to send when an “historic” weather event occurs? via theepochtimes.com

Bigger, longer blackouts could lie ahead in California

A wildfire in California wine country that may have been caused by a high-voltage transmission line called into question Pacific Gas & Electric’s strategy of selectively cutting off power in windy weather to prevent blazes and could force it to resort to even bigger blackouts affecting millions as early as this weekend. via apnews.com