Pandemic aftershocks overwhelm global supply lines

One year after the coronavirus pandemic first disrupted global supply chains by closing Chinese factories, fresh shipping headaches are delaying U.S. farm exports, crimping domestic manufacturing and threatening higher prices for American consumers.

Against the Thallasocracy: Fascism and Traditionalism in Alexander Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianist Philosophy

This thesis argues that Dugin holds a fundamentally religious understanding of reality that sees nations as manifestations of a spiritual, rather than a biological, essence.

Biden vows to pay farmers to plant cover crops and put land in conservation

“Given climate skepticism by many in rural America, it is critical that agriculture, forestry, and other rural stakeholders view themselves as USDA’s partners to achieve climate goals,” says the white paper. “We recommend USDA’s initiatives emphasize collaboration, incentives, the historic resiliency and innovation of agriculture and forestry, and the critical role that rural America can …