New Secret Service report details growing incel terrorism threat

The federal government on Tuesday released a study on the growing terrorism threat from men who call themselves "anti-feminists" or "involuntary celibates" and draw motivation for violence from their inability to develop relationships with women. Since 2014, attacks inspired by the "incel movement" and spanning the U.S. and Canada have left dozens dead.

All systems will be stressed

"Risk" Is On: Food, Energy, Goods And Finance Are All Being Used As A Weapon

10 Signs The War In Ukraine Is Part Of The Great Reset

Food shortages created by the war will offer a major boon to the synthetic biology industry

Putin: Obstacles to supplies of Russian products will have grave consequences worldwide

As for will have serious consequences for this segment of the world market and for food in general,

Fertilizer Supplies and Two Unique, Potential Factors

“So, if we are looking at a major curtailment of European nitrogen production, that is going to have, you know, significant global nitrogen ramifications,”

“traitor tracing” software: wholeaked

..... some might be offended by such strong labels such as 'traitor' to describe this software, as the word "traitor" could be replaced with "brave unwavering ethical bar-setting/bar-raising whistleblower hero" and the functionality of the software would be the exact same even if the intent is different.

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